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I’ve always been more inclined to go out to work than carry on with academic studies.


Boyhood Infographic (via Mashable)


[Inherent Vice] is apparently a very faithful adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s novel, which offers a zany blend of humor that could — I stress could — prove a tough sell to Academy types.

"It’s BONKERS — weird, weird, weird," one person who saw the film told me. "It made me laugh out loud several times, but not in the ways you might expect. The humor is not so much Boogie Nights as I think a lot of people are expecting. For reals, it tips into, like, Zucker bros.-level gags and broad humor. But, obviously, mixed with his other sensibilities. Strange, beguiling tone."

"It’s a sui generis mix of broad comedy, suspense, romance, melancholy, and a touch of menace - unlike anything I can think of," said [another source.]

I’m told Josh Brolin stands out in the supporting ranks and that Martin Short’s work as a druggie dentist is “batshit insane.”Another compared the film to Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye, starring Elliott Gould, “but amped up to 11.”

"[Joaquin] Phoenix is in practically every scene, then I guess [Josh] Brolin has the second-biggest part. All the other names are extended cameos. Well, Del Toro has a BIT more than that, but not much."

"It looks gorgeous, though stylistically, it’s somewhat more restrained than [PTA’s] other films. That’s because it’s a lot of conversations, and he chooses to cover them with staid, well-composed back-and-forth static shots, or ‘two-shots’ that sloowwwllly push in."

"The music is more all over the place than usual, and he uses a few songs of the era. The score is much more Radiohead-sounding, just by way of having actual guitar and drums thrown in. There’s some atmospheric electronic stuff in there, too."


Cigarrettes & Red Vines reports about Inherent Vice

Five new stills from ‘The Maze Runner’ movie! [x]


remember that time mads mikkelsen won best actor at cannes but was really tipsy and couldnt stop kissing his award



and he kept doing it until


"I like playing intense women. Because as women, we are not simple. As much as the world wants us to be, we aren’t. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We shouldn’t be ashamed of having emotions and of messing up sometimes, and being upset and angry. That’s all part of what makes us human. So I can never just be the girl next door, I need more than that."

Kaya Scodelario on the importance of playing strong female characters


Do you think every president goes through a awkward first few weeks in office when they’re not sure when’s the right time to ask if aliens are real or not?

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"We did have a part in The Royal Tenenbaums that was written for Jason, but it got cut out. He played a boy who lived across the street from them.”Wes Anderson.


Se7en (1995) Directed by David Fincher.

"She begged for her life…. and for the life of the baby inside of her"

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